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Year 3


    Topic Block 2

    Topic Block Two 


    For PSHE, think about money. This can be taken in many different directions, including:

    What is the difference between something I need and something I want?

    Where does money go?

    What is a charity?

    What can I do to save money?

    You might want to learn about the role of banks and charities, and may like to research a particular charity to find out what they do.

    NatWest have some interesting topics and resources below:

    Children may also wish to recap what they have already learned about money in maths by using these games:


    Learn about proper food hygiene practices when you cook. Make sure to wash your hands, clean the surfaces, think carefully about how to use different equipment safely, and how to store food. Why are all of these things important?

    Geography / Art

    We have been learning about landscapes in art. You might like to create a landscape of somewhere in your local area or what you can see out of your window. Or, you might like to explore your immediate vicinity and take photographs / sketches of something extremely close up and look at the details.

    Create a map of your house, garden, street etc. and add in the correct geographical features and vocabulary. Then, add a grid and challenge others to find coordinates using letters and numbers. Remember to go across first, and then upwards.

    Science / DT

    To go alongside our food and diet topic, have a look at the back of food packets and see what ingredients and food groups are listed. You might then like to design a food packet for a food or meal you have had and use your DT skills by researching, designing and evaluating your designs, and then making your packet.

    English Block 2
    Maths Block 2