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Oak Tree Class

Welcome to Early Years Foundation Stage

At Garboldisham Church Primary School we believe that the early years are some of the most important in our lives. These are the times that shape our personality and teach us lessons about ourselves and people around us.

We believe that every child has a unique set of skills and experiences which we recognise and celebrate.

We strive to help children become independent learners with inquisitive minds, who are not afraid to ask questions and learn from their mistakes.

We believe in installing a growth mindset in children and empowering them to become resilient and persist when challenges occur.

We model resilience and problem solving and give children opportunities to solve problems on their own when appropriate.

We provide a secure, caring and inspiring environment where children are helped to develop as individuals. It is important to us that children to have a positive self-image, understand their own uniqueness and value own set of skills. During their time in Reception children are taught to communicate happily and confidently, whilst developing positive relationships with children and adults.

We celebrate diversity and differences, value and celebrate them by including special events in our curriculum. We believe that these aspects contribute to the richness of our school life and learning.

At Garboldisham Church Primary School we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and deliver this through various themes which change term by term. We also assess your child regularly and activities are based on every child’s needs and interests therefore encouraging every child to reach their full potential.

Meet the Team

Hi, my name is Mrs Leport and I am your Reception Class Teachers.

I love to sing and dance, and can make up a song about nearly everything.

I like being outdoors and believe there is no such thing as bad weather. That's why you will see me outside 'come rain or shine' (probably in my old, comfy wellies).

Hi, my name is Mrs Rickatson and I am your Reception Class Teaching Assistant.

I love walking in the forest with my family and our dog, putting on my trainers and going for a run, whatever the weather!  I also enjoy amateur dramatics and singing, or reading a book when I get some quiet time!

Hi, my name is Mrs Lambert and I am your Reception Class Higher Level Teaching Assistant.

I like being outside in the garden and going for walks. I like helping on the farm and looking after my granddaughter.

Our Environment

Our rich and varied environment supports children’s learning and development. It gives them the confidence to explore and learn in secure and safe, yet challenging, indoor and outdoor spaces. Children feel safe, happy, cared for and relaxed in their environment. They have access to indoor and outdoor spaces in which they can explore, create, think, learn and develop with the support and interactions from sensitive, knowledgeable adults. Both spaces are available all the time (where possible) so children can choose activities and follow their interests.

Children have opportunities to experience seasons, the passing time and weather. They are encouraged to  be excited, energetic, adventurous, noisy and messy.

They have opportunities to:

Our environment provides a safe, secure yet challenging space for  all children. Our spaces are planned so that they can be used flexibly and an appropriate range of activities is provided. We create a positive emotional environment where adults empathise with children and support their emotions. We want children to feel confident in their environment and understand that their feelings are accepted which allows them to learn how to express them.