Quickly / Slowly poems

We have been looking at the poem ‘Slowly’ by James Reeves. Inspired by this, we wrote our own quickly / slowly poems. We started by analysing Reeves’ poem, and then drawing pictures of things that moved quickly or slowly. We thought carefully about adding detail by including adjectives and where it was happening. Then we wrote a first draft and edited it carefully in purple before writing up the final version in our neatest handwriting. We had so many fantastic ideas we hope you’ll enjoy!

Year 2 Poems

Year 3 Poems

Roman Legacy Powerpoint Year 2 and Year 3

In ICT we have made our Powerpoint slides about the Roman legacy. They have been sorted into year 2 and year 3, and then put in alphabetical order. The children chose what they thought to be the best Roman invention and explained why, before adding pictures and changing the font. They then presented their slides to the rest of the class!

thumbnail of The Roman Legacy year 3 thumbnail of The Roman Legacy year 2

Roman Day Pictures

On Thursday 29th November, Cherry Tree Class transformed into Rome and was overrun by Romans. The children had a brilliant day celebrating all they had learned about the Romans this term and made bread, built Roman architecture, and created and performed their own plays. We all had a lot of fun, and thank you to everyone for the wonderful costumes that helped to make the day so special.

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