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Homework Letter 26th February 2018

Dear parents/carers

After listening to, and taking on board, feedback from parents in several formats we have decided to clarify out homework system. This will begin after half term.

Reading continues to be of paramount importance on a regular, frequent basis. Your child’s homework timetable will be in the front of their new homework journal, along with the tasks for the half term.

We aim for this format to allow your child to demonstrate their creativity, encouraging them to generate models, powerpoints, photographs, art pieces etc. The intention is not for the homework to become onerous and each teacher will have suggested a time limit on the weekly activity. Of course, if your child wishes to spend longer on the task in order to finish it or extend it, then that is great. Otherwise, please bring in the work achieved in the time set. One set of tasks per half term will be given out.

Once completed, the children will be given opportunity to celebrate and share this work with the class regularly, giving and receiving oral/written feedback from each other, as well as the classroom staff. Where appropriate, work will be marked by a teacher, i.e. maths worksheets, SATs preparation.

We hope that this homework journal will also aid home school communication, allowing parents/carers to be more informed and have more involvement in what their child is learning. We welcome your comments about the amount of input or independence your child has had when completing the task. It is useful for us to know what you have spoken about with regards to the topic and whether your child enjoyed completing it.

If you have any queries please speak to your child’s class teacher, or see myself or Mrs Halliwell. We welcome feedback on our new system.

Yours Sincerely
Mrs Howard