Arrangements for Governance at Garboldisham Church Primary

The Department for Education in London established an independent Interim Executive Board (IEB) on 6th January 2020 to govern the school for the immediate future, replacing the previous Governing Body.

Like any school governing body, the IEB is responsible for the strategic oversight of the school, including the management of the budget, the curriculum, staffing, pay and performance management.  The IEB’s main function is to secure a sound basis for future improvement in the school, including the promotion of high standards of educational achievement.

There are three members of the IEB, all of whom have extensive experience in school governance:

  • Rosemary Kett: Previously a Senior Leader for Intervention and County Headteacher for Norfolk County Council. Currently an Associate for NCC, she carries out the role of Performance Officer for the authority. She also works as a freelance Education Consultant. She has undertaken governance roles in a number of Norfolk schools, and has extensive experience of work on Improvement Boards.
  • Doug Dale: An Adviser for the Education Quality Assurance and Intervention Service (Norfolk Children’s Services).  He is an experienced adviser with particular strengths in school leadership, and teaching and learning and also as a County Headteacher for many years.  He has vast experience in Improvement Board and IEB activity.
  • Pam Wells: Currently working for the Diocese of Norwich St Benet’s MAT as a Governance Improvement Associate. She has been a headteacher and worked extensively as in various local authorities as an Improvement Adviser. Pam has vast experience working with governors and with Interim Executive Boards.
  • Betsy Fowler: An Adviser for Education Quality Assurance and Intervention Services, Betsy has previously been a secondary headteacher. She has vast experience of working with Improvement Boards in Local Authority primary and secondary schools, as well as working for the Virtual Schools Team to support looked after and vulnerable children. Betsy has an excellent knowledge of the current educational landscape and understands the skills and attributes required for good quality teaching and learning, strong leadership and governance within an ever-changing educational landscape.


The I.E.B has an independent Clerk – Ann Morgan from Educator Solution.

The IEB will undertake all the statutory responsibilities of a governing body.


Roles and responsibilities of the Interim Executive Board

Overall Board:

Leadership and Management


Early Years

Monitoring of Data


Rosemary Kett:


Website Compliance

External Funding – Pupil premium and Sports premium

Doug Dale:

Headteacher’s Performance Management


Health and Safety


Pam Wells:





Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests for the Interim Executive Board
Name Position Relevant Interests Appointed End
Rosemary Kett IEB Chair Self employed Educational Consultant 6.1.20
Provision of Education Consultancy to NCC Children’s Services and VNET as an Associate
Doug Dale IEB Member Senior Adviser Education Quality Assurance and Intervention Service NCC 6.1.20
Pam Wells IEB Member Chair of Governors Diss Primary Academy Partnership 6.1.20
Governance Improvement Associate for Diocese of Norwich
Betsy Fowler IEB Member Adviser for Education Quality Assurance and Intervention Services. Governor at Sparhawk Infant School 28.3.20


If you would like to contact the Interim Executive Board you can do so by phoning the school on 01953 681327 or alternatively please email via