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The Governing Body of Garboldisham Primary School has 12 members and meets once per term. Each member is elected or appointed for a period of four years, after which they may seek re-election or reappointment, subject to certain conditions. The Governing Body of Garboldisham Primary School was re-constituted in 2014. It now consists of one nominated Local Authority Governor, four elected Parent Governors, one elected staff governor, the Headteacher, the Bishop’s representative, a representative appointed by the PCC and three Co-opted Governors who are appointed by the Governing Body. Co-opted Governors may be parents, staff, or members of the local community.

Governors become familiar with the workings of the school by involvement in committees, responsibility for specific subjects and projects, volunteering with activities such as outdoor education, community activities and sharing their expertise.  Training for all governors is made available through Governor Hub.

The expectation placed upon the governing body by Ofsted is that the governors know the school, know its priorities for improvement and support the Headteacher and staff in meeting these aims and ambitions.  The governing body of Garboldisham Primary School works extremely hard to fulfil these duties. The on-going success of the school is due in part to the hard work, care and expertise that exists within the group and the governors are committed to developing the school to achieve outstanding outcomes for all.

Sub Committees

We have two regular sub committees.  Other committees meet as and when there is a need.

Standards Committee

Meets once per half term.  Responsible for the standards of learning and teaching, analysing data and looking at changes needed to maintain and improve achievement.  Also reviews statutory policies.

Finance & General Purposes Committee

Meets once per half term.  This committee reviews the budget, approves and delegates spending and considers major projects requiring financing.  It also makes sure that the premises are safe and secure.