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World Book Day 2021

As you may be aware, 4th March is World Book Day and we would love you to get involved. These are just a few of the things that will be happening on the day.


Mrs Leport and Mrs Ricketson will be holding a reading session each with their pet.

Tune in to Mrs Ricketson and Jasper the dog at 12:30pm

And Mrs Leport and Tuesday the cat at 7pm for a bedtime story (links to follow)


Other adults in school will be posting excerpts from their favourite on your Dojo pages. There will also be a ‘Guess who?’ masked reader.

Join in with a game of class charades on zoom. (Make sure to have a practice at home first). Link to follow.

Afternoon activities:

Use a potato to create a character from your favourite book. Be as creative as you can.

Create a riddle or a character description of a book character but do not say who it is. See if your friends can guess who you are describing. We would love to display these in school so make them as beautifully presented as you can.


Take a short video of yourself and your favourite book, saying what you like about it and why you would recommend it to a friend (this could also include your pet if you wish!)

Whole School Assembly

Bring your finished potato character to assembly so that everyone can see them.

Unveiling of the masked reader.

Teachers Riddles

For lots more ideas, stories and great things to get you inspired by books, go to

They are also doing several live events on the 3rd/4th/5th March at 10:30am

Don’t forget to check out the Author and Illustrator Academy on this site as well, it looks fab!

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