Mission Statement

Once the children reach Rowan Tree Class the emphasis is very much on nurturing children to become independent and active learners in all areas of school life from thinking, reading, writing, organizing and sport to empathising, looking after and respecting each other and their possessions leading to wide ranging skills and knowledge. We believe that learning should be exciting, fun and relevant, that the children are empowered to make connections to prior experiences and different areas of the curriculum thus building up a wealth of knowledge and skills for life that will enable them to become the citizens of the future that our society will be proud of. The children are encouraged to learn through and by real life experiences, using their environment and resources to the full including computers and nature. Every child is treated as an individual in order to maximise learning and build up confidence and self-esteem so that they can reach their full potential. Where possible the learning is child led, so that they have ownership of their learning, their achievements and what they need to do to move their learning to the next level.