Years 2 & 3 Mosaics and Writing


From our marking policy:

Staff mark children’s work in green pen, children mark, edit and re-draft their own work in purple pen.

This is a taught skill throughout the school and throughout the year helping the children gain an understanding of what they need to do to improve their work, to address common misconceptions and to allow them to practice skills needed to achieve at a higher level.  This may look different in each class depending on the age and maturity of the children.  The marking is against taught ‘outcomes’ so that children are very clear about what is needed to achieve a good piece of work.

In these examples from year 2 & 3 Miss Evans has marked the work in green and the children have responded in purple.  Some of the pieces that appear not to be ‘marked’ are a second draft.  Not all children have completed the task to this state as the learning is in the ‘journey’ rather than the finished piece.

I would like to thank the Cherry Tree staff and the children for sharing their work with us – several of them read their work to the year 6 children, who were very impressed and identified ‘good description, alliteration, similes, first person, the date and personal feelings’ as examples of  achievement in this genre of writing.

Suzanne Halliwell

Y2 Journal Entries

Y3 Journal Entries